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This 2023, our Art Week will focus on the Maldives’ music, performing arts, and culture. The event is set to happen from 27 March to 2 April 2023. Watch this space for more information.


Our first Art Week event took place from 14- 20 March 2022 featuring 3 talented local artists with unique perspectives of contemporary art.

(Left to Right) Local artists Rooba, Lujain and Shimanie


Shimanie conducted classes such as Art Therapy, Seascapes, Forage Painting and the most interesting one – Glow In UV Light Paintings.



Rooba conducted classes that were mostly towards abstract art such as Pour Painting, Abstract Art and Landscapes


Lujain had a unique perspective to share with guests about his art. One of his most iconic projects, The Survival, aims to create awareness for the delicate beauty of our marine life and that we are equally responsible for creating a safe environment to protect them. The project contains approximately 7000 hand-painted screws.


During the class with him, guests got to try this unique screw-art and oil painting techniques.



We also had the Mystery Box challenge where the artists had to paint on the “surprise” material inside the mystery box.


The event wrapped up with the One Night Masterpiece activity, where Rooba and Shimanie collaborated to make a single art piece that beautifully represented the iconic spots and activities here in Pullman Maldives Maamutaa.


Press contacts Margaux Hontiveros | Cluster Director of Marketing and Communications margaux.hontiveros@accor.com
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