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redefining fitness in maldives

Stay on top of your game, regardless of your location with Pullman’s bold new vision for fitness in Maldives.

At Pullman Maldives we believe in fitness as much as all things fun, with a holistic approach to wellness and fitness to balance our guest’s performance. Gone are run-of-the-mill facilities and dedicated fitness spaces.

In their place discover fun, stylish and game-changing ways to unleash your potential around our island.

We work hard. We play hard. We train hard, and we do it together.

At Pullman Maldives we take fitness and wellness seriously, that’s why we have created some unique activities for you to unleash your potential while staying with us. We offer a transformative fitness holiday like no other, promising that you will leave feeling rejuvenated.

Our Pullman Wellness Ambassador Sarah Hoey explains all the fitness and wellness activities you can experience in our island.

Did you know we are also home of one of the best fitness retreats in Maldives?





Who said that we need to have bad lifestyle patterns when we travel?

At Pullman Maldives we are redefining the fitness concept while on vacation. Because we understand your wellness is a priority.

The moment you land in our island you can find a wide variety of outdoor workouts you can experience base on your fitness level.

From beginners to fitness addicts, we have different options to help you push your boundaries.




Unique to Pullman Resorts, feel fit and push your limits while training in our purpose built outdoor exercise circuit. A complete outdoor bootcamp style with a combination of running across the island and some hidden fitness stations will make you train hard with the best views of the island. This is the best way of starting or finishing your day while feeling energized.


Enjoy our high-energy dancing lessons at the beach or by the pool, designed to have fun while working out. With Latin and salsa music pumping up, get ready to do a full body workout including squats, jumping, dancing and lots of fun.



Transport yourself outside of time while hanging in the air and centering your mind. In this class you’ll use the hammock to hang yourself in the air while stretching and decompressing your spine. The perfect way to relax and recover from your office life and bad posture.



With this combination of Hatha & Vinyasa yoga, be prepared to strengthen your body and mind on the water. This is perfect to increase flexibility, mental focus and muscle development. Not to mention it will help you improve your sleep and reduce the stress and anxiety.



Relax and enrich your senses with calmness and the subtle sea breeze. Reduce insomnia and stress while also mitigating the chances of arthritis, backaches and any other choric disorders from your busy city life.





Whatever it takes to win the game, be it a short serve, a long serve or a spike, do it with style. Play it when the sun is out at it’s best followed by a splash in the pool or the ocean.


Come to up your tennis game with your friends or a private session with our instructors.


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