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Aqua Week

Aqua Week: Maamutaa: Where Mermaids Meet

Aqua Week, an integral part of Pullman’s annual Pillar Weeks, has once again left guests enchanted and deeply connected to the ocean. Themed “Maamutaa: Where Mermaids Meet,” this year’s celebration underscored our resort’s profound relationship with the sea and its marvels.

The highlight of Aqua Week was the mesmerizing mermaid shows, brought to life by Mara Restelli, Pullman’s mermaid queen and dive center manager. Mara’s enchanting underwater performances cast a spell of wonder and fascination, bringing the mysteries of the ocean to life. Guests had the rare opportunity to meet and interact with our mermaid queen, creating cherished memories.

Aqua Week also featured immersive sushi masterclasses led by our skilled chefs. Guests dived into the art of crafting sushi, discovering the delicate balance of culinary artistry and ocean conservation. These classes not only tantalized taste buds but also educated participants on sustainable dining practices.

For those seeking adventure, the Aqua Relay race combined running, kayaking, and paddling, fostering camaraderie among guests and staff. Winners enjoyed in-villa floating breakfast rewards, while the triumphant staff celebrated with an exclusive team dinner. The Beach Fortress-Building competition saw guests unleashing their creativity in whimsical sandcastle designs, competing for coveted breakfast rewards. This family-friendly event embodied Pullman Maldives’ commitment to creating lasting, shared memories.

Our Mélange Deck transformed into a captivating outdoor cinema, providing a scenic backdrop for ocean-themed movies. Each film began with a marine biology talk by Pullman’s marine biologist, followed by entertaining Kahoot games with exciting prizes. These interactive sessions added an engaging twist to movie nights, fostering a sense of community among our guests.

One of the event’s highlights was our educational partnership with the Vilingili Educational Center. We welcomed ten students, two council members, and one parent for an immersive academic journey led by our marine biologist, Sara De Nicolo. Engaging marine biology presentations, interactive quizzes, and captivating mermaid shows showcased the wonders of ocean ecosystems. This initiative reflects Pullman Maldives’ commitment to instilling a passion for marine conservation in youth, emphasizing our dedication to sustainability and responsible tourism.

As the echoes of Aqua Week linger on Maamutaa Island, Pullman Maldives Maamutaa continues its mission to craft unforgettable memories, seamlessly blending leisure with ocean-consciousness, and weaving sustainability into every aspect of the guest experience.

Press contacts Margaux Hontiveros | Cluster Director of Marketing and Communications margaux.hontiveros@accor.com
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