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Marine biologist
Marine biologist

Get ready to connect with nature

Join our resident marine biologist Amandine, in one of the several session where you’ll be able to learn more about Maamutaa nature and wildlife.

Discover fun facts about fish, from sharks to most common reef fish behavior during the marine biology night.
Let’s discover the beauty of our Island while participating in the nature walks, an interesting talk&walk about wild life, plants, flowers, fun fact about Maldives, because the beauty is not only below the surface.


The Maldives are not only about fish and coral, there are many other beauties around Pullman Maamutaa to be discovered. This guided Nature Walk will take you through the living wonders of this amazing green island, discovering native plants, flowers, birds and much more.


Let your kids become marine biologist for a day, a special program dedicated for kids, to discover the secret of the ocean, fish, shells and much more. Don’t miss the chance to learn more about this fascinating world, animal behavior, fun facts about fish and sea life, and on awareness and ecological protection.


Our Resident Marine Biologist will ignite your curiosity about fish, turtles and corals with wonderful stories while taking you through an incredible slideshow on the variety and adventure of underwater life.

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