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Baby sharks
Marine biologist

Are you ready to adopt a baby shark?

Our answer is a resounding yes! Are you passionate about shark conservation and intrigued by those little sharks gracefully navigating the waters near Maamutaa? Prepare to embark on an enlightening journey led by our marine expert, Sara.

Here’s the game plan: whether you’re strolling around or leisurely unwinding at the spa or sunset bar, if you happen upon a curious baby shark beneath our jetties or near your villa, awaken your inner National Geographic explorer! Capture the moment with a click and take the opportunity to have a chat with our marine biologist.

When you’re up for sharing, you’re joining a groundbreaking project aimed at creating a logbook for the juvenile black-tip reef sharks – think of it as Maamutaa’s very own “Insta-Shark” project. The objective? Uncover their hangouts, companions, and routines – essentially, a backstage pass to their world.

Photographs from anyone are more than welcome. Just remember these five guidelines:

1. The snapshot should showcase the shark from an aerial perspective, if possible.
2. Clarity is key; the image should reveal the unique marks and features.
3. Include the date, time, and location alongside the picture.
4. If the shark is a new face in our sightings, be its namer and stake your claim!
5. While cuteness abounds, let’s be mindful of personal space and the wild nature of these creatures. Respect is the name of the game, even for these adorable wildlings.

“But why?” you might ask. We’re unraveling migration patterns influenced by size, tides, time of day, and the capriciousness of weather. As we dive deeper into the world of our pint-sized companions, we’re arming ourselves with knowledge to protect these essential members of Maamutaa’s reef ecosystem.

Bring your photo to the Dive Center to show our Marine Biologist Sara to confirm if it is in fact a new and unnamed shark. We’ll make it official with a Naming Certificate and a post on our Instagram!

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