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Baby sharks
Marine biologist

Are you ready to adopt a baby shark?

To that we say yes! Do you wish to be involved in shark conservation and learn about those small sharks you see swimming near Maamutaa?! Our Marine Biologist Amandine will explain you how.

Here you go: just walk around or casually go to the spa, sunset bar… if you met one baby shark under our jetties or near your villa: unleash the national geographic reporter that sleeps in you ! 

Click that picture and go to talk to our marine biologist about it.

If you agree to share it you will be part of a project aiming to is develop a juvenile black-tips reef sharks logbook. Some kind of insta-shark for Maamutaa ! 😉 The objective is to know where do they hang out, with who and when…

Pictures can be from anybody, just follow the 5 rules:

  • The picture must show the entire shark body, preferably from above.
  • It must be clear enough to observe presence or absence of marks and characteristics.
  • Date /time as well as location must be shared with the picture.
  • If the shark has not been spotted before choose a name!
  • We don’t want you or the shark to feel disturbed so please stay in the comfort zone of everyone, and keep in mind they are wild animals,  we must respect them even if they are “cute babies”.


Well to have a look at the migration pattern linked with size, tide, time of the day, and the weather. To understand better our baby shark behaviour and protect them better as they are a key species for a system such as Maamutaa ‘s reef.


Meet the baby sharks of Maamutaa

Check our Marine Biologist blog to see where our guests have discovered many baby sharks swimming around the resort. So next time you’re walking around the shore, pay attention in case you can find any of them.


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